A Goodbye to Vast: Hopefully Not Forever, But For Now

Brightest Eye.jpg

This is hard for me.  Honestly, it might be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write.  And given that I make a modest living killing my darlings, that’s saying something.  But I’ve put it off and put it off, and now (for a lot of very good reasons having to do with schedule and production) can do so no longer.  In fact, I’ve put it off too long already.  So I’m just going to say it; try to keep this post as brief as possible, because if I said everything I wanted to say, deep down, it would never get written, and I’d be letting down people I care about deeply.

I’m sorry to report that, given time and other commitments, I will not be returning to Vast this season.  I’m honestly heartbroken.  I think I can say without hyperbole, and with total respect to anyone who ever enjoyed my performance as Hans, that however disappointed you feel reading this, I’m more disappointed to have to write it.  I can only tell you that there were aspects of this decision that were outside my control.

This totally sucks, but there are so many projects I want to get out there.  Vast has taught me how much I like interacting with an audience directly, without the barriers of studio or network.  Honestly, being a freelancer will always mean a certain amount of gunslinging, and I’m cool with that, but watching the passion you all bring to the show has been inspiring.

It was a new experience, putting out the deepest and most vulnerable part of myself, and watching people react.  It’s true what Arthur Miller said, “The best work anybody ever does is that which is on the verge of embarrassing us, always.”  I want to use this time to deliver more experiences like that, for both of us.  As much as I wish there was a better way to go about doing that, for right now, there isn’t.

For what it’s worth, Jack and I are already talking about ways to keep me involved.  And I have no intention of leaving the #vast community, and all you wonderful people.  I want to throw my support behind the cast and the show.  What I know of what’s planned for Season 2 is a mind bender.  Keep watching — I know I will.

Most of all, I’m grateful to the fans.  You’re what makes this show special.  I can’t thank you enough for the time we spent together.  I hope we get to do it more.

The eye shines bright — stay metal.   I love you all.

– Jon “Hans” Callan